Cardenal Cisneros

Key features:

Cardinal Cisneros was a 106 metres long military vessel with a steel hull which was built in the shipyards of Ferrol in 1897. The vessel was equipped with two triple expansion steam engines that gave it a power of 15,000 IHP, to reach a cruising speed of 20 knots. It had a major arms supply with two 280 mm guns, ten 140mm guns and 19 minor guns, among others. It was finished a year before its sinking. The accident occurred during a voyage from Muros to Ferrol under the command of captain Manuel Díaz Iglesias. There were no casualties, but nothing could be done to save the ship. In 40 minutes it had disappeared from the surface of the sea.

The wreck lies at a depth of 32 fathoms, two miles away from the shallow of Os Meixidos.