HMS Captain

Key features:

It could be said that the HMS Captain was one of the most spectacular and innovative ships of the time. It had a mixed propulsion. It had a capacity of 900 NHP that left the two horizontal four-cylinder machines, eight rectangular boilers and two propellers, as well as a large area with sails.
The boat whose 97.5 metre long hull was steel, reached speeds of 15.2 nots and had a displacement of 7,767 tons. It had been built in 1869 at the Lairds shipyard in Birkenhead and had four 305 mm guns and two other 178 mm ones. The captain, Hugh Talbot Burgoyne, could do nothing since the boat overturned as a result of the lack of seaworthiness of its design. Under sail, it could not overcome the list produced by the wind in this area of the Atlantic and sank