Key features:

The Salier was a steam liner carrying cargo and passengers between Europe and South America. It was the years of emigration to the New World. The ship, which was about 108 metres long, had an iron hull. It had been built in 1875 by Earle’s SB & E Co. in Hull (England). It had left the port of Bremen and, after a stop in La Coruña, it headed for Vigo before travelling to La Plata.

The passage was composed of mostly Russian, Polish and Galician emigrants. It had sailed from La Coruña on the 7th. In the early hours of the 8th, with very bad sea conditions, the Salier ran aground in the shallows of the Basoñas claiming the lives of 281 people. There were no survivors. Wind and currents dragged the ship to its last and fatal destination.