Santa María La Anunciada

Key features:

This 1,000 ton wooden hulled ship was built in the shipyards of Vietri sul Mare, in Salerno, Italy. It had a crew of 90 men and was transporting 160 soldiers. The ship had plenty of weapons on board, among which was a 12 pound demi-culverin, a 3 pound falconet, four 3 pound powder guns, four 13-pound cast iron guns, one 9 pound cast iron gun and two 5 pound wrought iron Lombards. Researchers have estimated that there were seventeen bronze artillery pieces and seven iron ones.

Other data

The boat belonged to the Armada of the Ocean under the command of Martin de Padilla Manrique. It was travelling from Portugal to Ferrol. The fleet consisted of 100 ships, carrying an expeditionary army as well as weapons and ammunition. Its mission was to help the Irish in their fight against Elizabeth I of England. In just one day, the fleet lost 30 ships between Ferrol and Corcubión, amongst which is the Santa María La Anunciada.