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The coal station of Corcubión

The establishment of the General Coal Company (Plácido Castro) in the Port of Corcubión arose from the need to provide a refuelling point for steamships that travelled off Cape Finisterre. Sometimes ships were short of fuel, especially if they had to deal with storms and needed to refuel before reaching their destinations.

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Shallows of Os Meixidos

One of the most dangerous points of all of the Costa da Morte is between the estuaries of Corcubión and Muros. The shallows of Os Meixidoswhich, along with its brethren Los Brullos and A Ximiela, spread out like a minefield about 4 miles from the nearest coast. If under normal viewing conditions they are difficult to locate, in bad weather they are a nightmare for any sailor who ventures into this area.

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Santa María La Anunciada

Name: Santa María La Anunciada Type: 16th Century Ship. Nationality: Spanish. Date os sinking: 28th October 1596 Victims: 243 Survivors: 7 Cause: Temporary. Location: Punta Restelos, Finisterre. GPS: 42° 56.4564'N 009° 13.4755'W Key features: This 1,000 ton wooden hulled ship was built in the shipyards of Vietri sul Mare, in Salerno, Italy. It had a crew of…
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