Galician Seas Finisterre Shipwrecks is a project that addresses valuing the underwater heritage of north-west Spanish and, specifically, the ships that have sunk throughout history in the waters of Costa da Morte between Finisterre and Porto do Son.

The remains of boats of different ages and nationalities are located here, which due to storms, misfortunes or hostilities have ended up on the sea bed in this area.

Galleons, merchant ships, battleships, fishing boats, schooners, steamers, passenger vessels … the variety of boats resting in these waters is numerous, as many as the circumstances in which each of these tragedies occurred.

With this project we intend to bring the public nearer to the reality of this underwater heritage, to document and add value to this important historical legacy in the public domain and promote its conservation and protection. It intends to be a tribute to those who lost their lives or suffered in those maritime accidents, but also to the residents of this coastal territory, who risked their lives, by always coming to the aid of the shipwreck to avoid the tragedy.



Galician Seas Finisterre Shipwrecks is an open invitation to all divers of the world seeking new challenges, diving among 18th century wrecks or the timbers of an early 20th century steam ship. In order to do this, two diving centres take part in this project, which are prepared for tourism and carry out recreational dives guided by expert instructors, these are Buceo Finisterre and Mergullo Compostela.



We have created and marked two routes along the coast by land on the trail of the wrecks. The first one, located in the north, is dedicated to the galleons, like those of the Padilla Fleet, which in the 16th century shipwrecked off the coast of Finisterre. The second tells the stories of war ships that lie at the bottom of the Costa da Morte. Both routes are marked with signs containing QR codes and NFC transmitters, which using a mobile device with internet connection, will show detailed information about each shipwreck and help you to know the territory better.


Galician Seas Finisterre Shipwrecks is a project promoted by the Grupo de Acción Costeira Seo de Fisterra, Ría de Muros y Noia, funded by the European Union and led by archaeologist Miguel San Claudio Santa Cruz.