The territory that we show keeps the essence of the Costa da Morte, with spectacular scenery and charming places. It is without doubt one of the locations with the most personality to live near to the sea in Europe.

Although through Galician Seas Finisterre Shipwrecks we invite you to mainly dive among legendary wrecks, we do not disregard the opportunity to introduce you to a region rich in experiences.

If you like active holidays, here you can enjoy water activities for all concerns: sailing, rowing, diving, surfing … If you are looking for hiking trails, here you will have a complete offering, with routes by the sea, from lighthouse to lighthouse, or paths that take you to places like the Monte do Pindo, called by the Galicians the Celtic Olympus.

The imprint of history and tradition is found in places like Finisterre or Noia. Meanwhile Noia is the start of one of the routes that the pilgrims travelled when heading to Santiago de Compostela; to Finisterre came those who wanted to complete their journey and actually carry out the real route that man did for centuries, long before the veneration of the remains of St. James in the Cathedral of Santiago.
The heritage penetrates the senses in the streets of towns as delightful as Noia, Muros and Corcubión, which retain all the charm of fishing villages of this area, noble buildings and squares where time seems to stop. Nor should we miss Castro de Barona, in Porto do Son, one of those archaeological sites that invite us to think about the history of our society, in the origin of Galicia and man’s relationship with the sea since ancient times.

Beaches like Muros, Lira, Carnota, O Ézaro, Langosteira, Mar de Fora and a long list of unique beaches, will complete your getaway to one of the most stunning territories due to their beauty and communion with the sea.

If there is something that brings together all these essences it is the gastronomy. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most interesting points of the map for those who want to taste authentic cuisine without additives. The tastiest seafood and the freshest fish come to the table of numerous restaurants with an unsurpassed quality, from artisanal and sustainable fishing which is carried out in the coastal ports of this territory.

Getting to the Costa da Morte is not complicated. Lavacolla and Alvedro in Santiago and A Coruña, respectively, are the airports closest to this area. They have national flights and connections with several European capitals such as London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt or Zurich, among others.